Dangerous Diets? Can we ever get it right?

Pregnancy is definitely a time where you should be looking after yourself.

It is the start of a time where you will no longer be the most important  person in your own life so taking care of yourself is not only important for you and your family but now for a little one who will rely on you for the rest of your life (Scary huh ?!)

Never has there been more pressure on Moms to fit back into their Skinny Jeans right after giving birth & as lovely and ideal as that sounds I highly imagine that it is a little more difficult than most people realise.

Something that brought this to the fore-front of my mind was the sad news of Peaches Geldof and her death on the 7th April 2014, with the update this morning that is a high chance she had a cardiac arrest due to living off little else but vegetable juices for weeks on end. In her own words Peaches discussed this before her sad death and claimed: ‘I have no willpower but with the juicing I’m like, ‘I have to do it because I have to lose this extra ten pounds.’

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2599556/Peaches-Geldof-risk-cardiac-arrest-juice-diet-ate-liquid-vegetables-Socialite-mother-25-dead-home-yesterday.html -"

I honestly think it is so sad that she felt the pressure to go to this extent to lose weight and now it is so sad that two young children are left to grow up without their Mummy.

This tragic story further extends my reasoning to share my healthy balance of pregnancy, fitness and healthy lifestyle during pregnancy and after.

Stay healthy ladies, remember our future is so important – especially now!




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