Step away from the pickles and icecream! Cravings made healthy!

We have all heard about e the craziest pregnancy cravings from pickles & ice cream to chalk!


These cravings are your bodies method of communication – just because you are really craving Brownies with mustard doesn’t mean you should necessarily go ahead and eat that, what it actually means is that your body needs something out of that crazy concoction that is lacking.

Take a look at some of  these cravings and find the healthy alternatives along side them. Try them out and see if your cravings are satisfied:

Craving: What your body needs: Healthy alternative:
Cola Sugar Mineral water with fruit juice or lime. Dilute cordial has sugar content but is a much healthier option that fizzy drinks.
Crisps, Popcorn or Pretzels Salt The healthiest alternative here is a nice glass of cool water. When our bodies crave salt it is usually because it is trying to retain water.
Chocolate Magnesium Spinach, whole grains & halibut are all great sources of magnesium. Why not make a lovely dinner of baked halibut with sautéed spinach or try adding spinach to healthy and filling smoothie. Check out recipes  page for some great ideas!
Ice Iron Chicken, fish & spinach are great alternatives to a very cold and numb mouth
Sweets Protein This is caused by a blood sugar imbalance, when filling our bodies refined starches, such as white bread these foods are digested quickly meaning after a few hours our blood sugar comes down causing us to feel tired & irritable. In stead of toast for breakfast, switch to old fashioned oatmeal (you can get instant ones now for those busy mommas-to-be) add fruit / honey for extra flavour also grab a apple inbetween meals if you’re hungry they’re packed full of vitamins and filling too!

Remember everything in moderation, we all deserve a treat that is for sure!

Have a great day!

S xxx


One Comment Add yours

  1. maeussle says:

    Great information! Next time I get any of those cravings I’ll try to go for the more healthy options 😉

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