Ants in your pants -the real life itches of pregnancy

It seems at every available opportunity I am itching one part of my body or another, especially just as I fall asleep my breasts decide they are itching in every single possible way!

Also, do not get me started on my pubic area; TMI prehaps; but the confusion I had when my bottom started itching was immense Google reassured me this is as normal as the skin started to stretch to accommodate my Gremlin. I sat and pondered this, so my bottom is itching because it is preparing for a tiny human!! Hang on a minute it doesn’t even come out of there!!

The hormone estrogen is to blame for itchy palms, soles of feets, breasts tummy & pubic area.

Help – I need relief!

  • We may all be begging for a hot bath, with candles and a good back but if you are itching to hugh heaven it is best to avoid hot showers and baths. The temperature of the warer can dry out your skin and make the itching worse.
  • Use mild, unscented soap (some scents can cause irritation) and be sure to rinse the soap off well and towel off lightly.
  • Take an occasional warm oatmeal bath. (You can buy oatmeal bath preparations in stores, or check out this link for a home-made option)
  • Slather on unscented moisturizer after you’ve showered or bathed. Also unscented oils are a good alternative
  • Try putting cool, wet compresses on itchy areas.
  • Wear loose, smooth cotton clothing.

Good luck guys, lets hope this itching soon passes!

S xxx


3 Comments Add yours

  1. maeussle says:

    LOL…I had that just the other day! I’m afraid my behind will grow during this pregnancy after all šŸ˜¦ Wouldn’t it be nice if just the belly would grow and everything else would stay the same? šŸ˜‰

    1. fitmommabear says:

      It really would, like a watermelon up our tops and nothing else changes. My biggest growth spurt right now is my breasts – they just wont stay hidden! lol! xo

      1. maeussle says:

        LOL! I had fairly big boobs to begin with, but now I look like Dolly Parton (might have misspelled that). My hubby doesn’t object to that at all, but I feel like I’m floating all the time šŸ™‚

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