Constipation – the ultimate pain in the ass!

I am sure we have all been through the lovely constipation, all hoping that as we hit that magical 14th week it would pass by!
Well, let me share a little something with you – it doesn’t always! My doctor has prescribed me iron & this increases constipation – it feels worse than before. So here I am at 16 weeks 5 days and constipated to hell and frustrated ( sitting on the loo feeling like your practising for the 9 month mark cannot be fun in anyone’s books!)

So how have I coped?

  1. Keep hydrated, I have been drinking as much water as possible (I know you feel it runs straight through you, but trust me it does help)
  2. Cold water hasn’t been as effective but boiling the kettle and letting it cool to room temperature is an actual life saver – add a little lemon if you like some flavour (lemon also may trigger contractions of the bowels that help you pass waste.)
  3.  If you’re really bunged-up (nice I know 😉 ) Try prune juice, a mild laxative, mix into a smoothie and only use a little bit as it really works.
  4. Moving around may help you move your bowels. Walking and swimming are low-impact exercises that you can do almost to the end of your pregnancy.
  5. If you feel the urge to poo – go, go, go! Don’t hold it in as it will pass bye and you will be stuck with that constipated feeling.
  6. When you go if you are pushing a little too much raise your feet off the floor about 15CM this lines your tubes up better and can help things.

Good luck my lovely ladies!!


S xxx


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