The Weight Gain

Has anyone come to the point where they are wondering if the weight they have gained is normal?

As I look through the forums for Mums-to-be I see so many ladies asking this question “what is normal” and it got me thinking:

  1. Is my weight gain normal I have put on around 4,5 LG in 18 weeks. In myself I feel like I look good, my boobs are huge and my belly is nicely rounded but my face, legs etc have not changed.
  2. What can be considered as “normal” as we  all know perfectly well no 2 pregnancy are identical so how can weight gain be? I genuinely think comparing your body to another persons at a time like this where we are growing can have quite a negative effect  on your psyche.

I think if mum is eating healthy, feeling good and baby is happy and healthy inside her then we should be happy.

I know each and everyone of us is wondering about our post-pregnancy bodies in one way or another – but as long as we are active and eating healthy we are off to a good start right? It will take some determination if you are wanting that bikini body next summer, however for me it would have done anyway.

For ladies who are curious, I did find a pregnancy weight calculator that is tailored to yourself and isn’t a “generalistaion” to all women everywhere, it also gives parameters so you understand that it isn’t just 1 amount or you have gained too little / too much.

So I chose to embrace my new body, with all the weight gain & focus on being healthy and happy with a goal orientated plan for my post-pregnancy body.

What do you think? Are you feeling good about your baby body?

S xxx


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