My dog is my baby … wait a minute – that’s not gonna work!

So my little Lola is nearly 3 years old and loves me like no other. For the whole three years of her life she has never been without me for longer than 3 days & when I came back it was like she missed me more then I could ever understand – I’m not gonna lie I felt exactly the same!


So, hands up who else here is super close to their pets? Are you also concerned that your new baby might upset your current little furry baby?

I think it would be a smart thing to try and prepare our fury little loves for our new babies, and here is the route I am using:

  1. Cut out rough Play

Lola loves to play fight, or run and & jump on the bed to wake you up with a big slobbery kiss in the morning however when baby arrives it wont be safe for her to be so rough and tumble, also while pregnant it is better to cut the rough play to avoid any bumps with your bump.

2. Simulating life with a baby

I know Lola loves children, she loves to play with anyone and kiss anyone – but will she love one on a full time basis? My friend has just had a baby and comes around often, we have been practising interacting with Lola while baby is crying  & in my arms and gaging her reactions if they are positive I reward her with a treat (luckily we have not had any negative 🙂 )

After each baby session I spend time with her on a walk or a cuddle or playing with frisbe so she knows no matter who comes along I will always make time for her.


The post baby plan:

1. Make an introduction Let your dog sniff a blanket with your baby’s scent before the two meet and, again, create a positive association with lots of praise.

2. Schedule doggy-and-me time Take a walk or visit your favorite dog park. Aim for at least 10 minutes of affection and play with your pet, three times a day.

3. Stay close Never leave your baby alone with a dog.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. millysell says:

    Hi … I’m 23 weeks pregnant myself with my first baby … just came across your blog browsing around WordPress congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I’m going to have the same challenge – I’ve got a dog that’ll be 2 when the baby arrives. She’s an amazing sweet-natured animal now but I’ve got no idea how she’ll feel once the baby’s here having basically been our only child for two years! I like the tips about preparing early … maybe we should try that 🙂

    All the best,

    1. fitmommabear says:

      Hey Milly. Congratulations too. Keep me upto date with your progress with pup and baby it’ll be great to have a bump buddy who gets the animal thing too 😀 xx

      1. millysell says:

        With pleasure! 🙂

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