Milestone: The first pair of jeans that just don’t fit!

So I love my bump I really do, I also love looking nice and feeling nice when I wear nice clothes. So it is safe to say when my favourite jeans just would not button up it was a sad milestone one way and a happy milestone in another way!

18Weeks 5 days & the fave jeans!!

I tied them up with a bobble, but it really affected my mood I just wanted to look nice – and the bobble unnecessarily affected that in my head (totally logical as you couldn’t even see it!).  I know that may make me seem shallow or vain/conceited but I want to be able to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see! I want my othe halfto be attracted to me

So as our body changes, especially when we have worked to have a lovely body before this – how can we prepare to receive these changes with a healthy attitude?

S xxx



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