The friendship pull

Does anyone else feel this? The feeling like you are almost missing out while also being excited about your huge new lifestyle change?

As my friends go clubbing & out to eat and drink alcohol – sometimes I am purely too exhausted or sometimes I just don’t want another glass of water/non-alcoholic larger & feel like a party pooper.

I also sometimes find my friends are looking at me like I shouldn’t be tired and should now even more so be there to everything they request.

The balance between keeping a happy social life and some much needed down time is becoming increasingly hard with summer in Cyprus around the corner.

My thoughts:S

  • Stick with the people you love. When you are going to socialise make sure it is with the people you love spending time with, who understand you and support you through this time where your life is changing and it is crazy, scary, overwhelming and also exciting
  • Get rid of the negative. Ok not everyone understand what it is like to grow a human & that is cool we get it, but one day they will and they’ll feel like pricks for calling you out for not having just one alcoholic drink or being tired. To be honest, in this situation we just do not need no negativity – so bin it!
  • If you feel tired or purely just wanna stay in because you can’t be bothered or there is a high chance you may rip someones face off – stay in! Do what your body tells you, our bodies are so busy and are constantly changing we deserve to do as we feel and be happy. The girls will survive a few nights without you, and your other half can go hang with his  boys while you get in that tub and smile!

Have a great weekend lovelies!

S xxx


One Comment Add yours

  1. mammaspeaks says:

    During pregnancy, you are in a very different state of mind. Let alone friends, even your partner may not understand what you are going through. You may feel energetic enough to climb the Mount Everest one moment and the next, you don’t feel up to making a bowl of Maggi for yourself. Follow your mind and your body and if people don’t understand it; so be it.

    During my pregnancy, I was active till 4-5 in the afternoon. Post evening, I just felt like curling up in the bed. So for the whole 9 months, we socialized only during afternoons.

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