Top Tip from a Mum: Breastfeeding

As a first time Mum, I feel we kind of ramble through our pregnancy working out what the hell is going on inside our body and minds & what the hell we are meant to do, whilst in the mean time Mums who already have children throw tips andwhat we should be doing at us constantly. (I have no doubt one day, 85% of us will be the same way LOL!)

So we learn to filter, to smile and nod. So I want to share some of the tips that made it past my “Oh Shut The Hell Up” filter and hope they come in useful for you peeps!

Tip No 1: Breast feeding & expressing

I know a lot of Mums want to at least try breastfeeding & why not it is natural and it is free! I am 1 of these ladies. In all honesty I just thought that the milk came and the baby drank, apparently it has a little more logic than that. In the beginning a lot of  ladies have just about enough milk to feed baby then the more the baby sucks the more milk is produced.

As first time parents we both want to be involved, the Dad has waited 9 months or so to actually bond with his child and there you are boobie stealing him! 😉 So expressing your breast milk is an ideal to get Dad involved too right?

One of my closest friends (mum of 2 and 1 on the way) told me that in the bath you tend to boobie leak quite a lot, therefore while you are in there you may as well get that pump and pump away my friends.


So what do you think? Are bath times for down time and a good book? Or would you mind substituting for a bit of boobie pumping? Pass me your opinion!

S xxx


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