Who the heck stole my freaking glow???

Throughout my pregnancy I have heard wait until week 16 you will feel amazing, wait until month 5 you’ll feel like you – what  have I learnt?? I will feel amazing and like my old self again on very rare occasions which very rarely coincide with what other people felt.

So are we glowing ladies?

I really aren’t sure, one day I feel great and pretty happy then the very next day my nails break my hair greases and a small army of spots invade my face! So maybe I’m a part-time glower?

Honestly, when I get the “Oh, you’re glowing” remark I have to check if I am overly sweating or if I actually do look alright! 😉


So  ladies who is with me? who feels positivley  glowing, who is a part-time glower and who feels like crap?

Hands up honey!

S xxx






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