Reap the rewards

So I am nearly 22 weeks & this last week I have been exhausted with backache that has literally crippled me! I have never felt so unlike myself or demotivated at life.

However I have kept up with my light workouts 3 times a week & swimming / jogging 5 times & I can see that my body is definitely thankful.

I just thought I would share this mornings post-arm-workout picture with you in the hope I can motivate you in times of pure exhaustion!



This morning’s arm workout:


Biceps Curls: 4 sets X 15

21’s: 4 sets of 21

Hammer curl: 4 sets X 15


Tricep Kick back: 4 sets X 15

Tricep stretch: 4 sets X 15

Skull crushers: 4 sets X 15


S xxx


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