TopTip #3 : Always trust your instincts

Something I often wonder as a first time Mum, is what if I simply just don’t know what to do with him?

I mean think about it, it makes sense. For example when you start a new job, even if that job is in the same industry or is the same job role as your previous you are still likely to be nervous about all of the changes.

Are you going to know what to do & if you do will you get it right?

I was speaking with a good friend & my Mum about this and they had a knowing little smile on their face & twinkle in their eye.

Their words surprised were:

Always trust your instincts! No matter how many children other women have had, your child is different, you will just know what to do and what your baby needs.

So I guess the moral of the story is trust ourselves because we were born to do this & we will know our babies better than any other person on the planet.

S xxx



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