Dopplers – pros & cons?

If you are on a baby forum like Baby Centre am sure you have heard the mixed reviews on dopplers & I just wondered what your opinions are on them? .. so lets hear it….

Personally, I think they are worth every penny – as long as you keep an open mind!

If you are early on in your pregnancy or baby is laid funny you may not find a heartbeat which could easily freak any mum to be out, therefore I would never say to another mum to be to use one unless they were over 16 weeks, had a midwife they could be open with or had already heard the heartbeat.

I think if you are going to use one a heartbeat monitor / doppler you have to be open-minded & understand you may have to a bit of searching around or may not even find the heartbeat at all – but this is likely due to stage in pregnancy or the way baby is laid you just got to keep calm till you can see your midwife.

As my pregnancy was such a huge surprise and during the first 3 months I did every single thing that expecting mother should now for quite a while I got it into my head that something terrible was bound to happen.

I found that in between scans, when I have a weak or down moment and when those movements you have been enjoying just stop I felt the doppler eased my mind and let me relax.

I heard babies heartbeat at 14 weeks, so once I heard it once  I understood what sound I was listening to, I also took my doppler to my health care practitioner and asked for advice on how to use, he showed me the angles & pressure to help me which I found really useful.

Of course it doesn’t guarantee everything with baby is okay but it sure gives me and other moms to be a little peace of mind.

Let me know what you think

S xxx


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