Picking a baby name without picking a fight!

Hey All!

So my little ones impending arrival is coming closer and with a summer filled with fun, friends and sweat 😉  I know it will fly by! My other half & I have gone through a variety of nicknames for our little one including:

  • Gremlin upon first finding out
  • Jimbo – more recent and seems to be sticking :O

SO with the above nickname sticking around like a slightly unpleasant smell we are keen to find a lovely name for our little boy, but the thing is how do you pick a name

  1. you both love
  2. you both don’t veto
  3. you don’t pick a fight!

I just wanted to share a few tips on the battle of the names subject

  • Remember you both need to love that name for you little one! No matter how much you love Englebert if your hubby hates it maybe its better on the back burner.
  • If it is a name one of you just isn’t keen on maybe add it to the “maybe” list so that you can return to it if you go off other names
  • If one of your faves is vetoed ask your other half to provide a reason why and an alternative, you never know you may love the alternative even more!

Is anyone else having the baby-name-battle?


S xxx



2 Comments Add yours

  1. millysell says:

    Not a battle, but we had names we loved for boys and none for girls so now we’re starting from scratch! Hopefully we can find a couple we agree on before she’s here …

    1. fitmommabear says:

      Good luck & I am sure you will pick a beautiful name for your little sweetpea xx

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