Bump Update – Beach bump!

It was my first beach day last weekend & I felt sooo vulnerable with my new body shape, which really is silly as we should be proud of our shape after all it is carrying future life!

My best friend was with me and thought it would be fun to snap a few pictures to try make me feel beautiful, she edited them and sent them off into the social world. The whole time my heart and head were going ten to the dozen wondering how I even felt about someone seeing me that way, but I decided to trusted her when she said it will make me feel better.

And she was right, the amazing comments on my figure and bump were overwhelming I took one look at my bump and grinned. Just goes to show sometimes it is all in your head. So I am sharing them with you & reminding you not to be a wally & to be proud of your life giving tum!

23 week beach bump!
23 week beach bump!

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  1. maeussle says:

    I’m 22 weeks pregnant today and I’m already bigger than you…oops. Maybe it’s just more obvious on me ’cause I’m short (5’2″)? From behind you can’t tell that I’m pregnant which is quite strange…lol. You look great!

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