Dads to be & the attitude change

I think even if a pregnancy was planned it can be scary and overwhelming for both parents to be.

We had not planned our pregnancy and as some may know it was 13 weeks before we found out, in the beginning it was a nightmare we were both petrified – however as my other half is younger than me it freaked him out much much more and he was petrified.

I really didn’t know for a while how this was going to go, now I couldn’t be happier.

We have grown so much closer as a couple spending most nights together and discussing all things baby, now everyone knows and the news has sunk in I can see that he is enjoying it and getting excited > this couldn’t make me prouder!

Taking the time to nurture him in a time that he found so much more difficult provided us with a bond that I hope lasts forever but also made him respect me on a whole new level.

I am lucky to have such an amazing other half, daddy to my boy and best friend

S xxx


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