The down low on the boobie leakage!

So as I have recently discussed my leaky nipples with you & as none of my other pregnant friends remember this and also a lady told me that it meant my child was going to come early I had to go and find out all the information I could so I could stop me freaking out.

So here is the downlow:

  1. WHAT: Your breasts may start leaking a thin, yellowish fluid called colostrum — the precursor to the real thing: breast milk.
  2. WHY:Your pregnant body is making sure all systems are go — including your milk production system. Colostrum, the first milk your baby will get, contains more protein but less fat and sugar than mature breast milk, making it easier for baby to digest in the first few days after birth. Plus, it’s full of antibodies that’ll protect your baby as soon as he or she arrives.
  3. Is there a way to stop it?  Simply put no- its natures way of preparation. Invest in nursing pads and wear tops that don’t show colour easily.

S xxx



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