Baby’s movement – the fear!

From the minute we find out we are growing a human our life turns into a constant worry, is he/she okay in there, am I doing this right? Can I do this or is it bad for baby, am I ready, will the baby like me, will I like the baby?

We worry out of love.

We are told from 26 weeks to keep a check on baby’s movements – 10 good movements within 2 hours & I know I did but we almost wait in anticipation — Come on kick me alreadyyy!! — then we get the kicks and we remember each one making sure we had those 10 kicks.

So I have an active little gremlin, but from Tuesday-Thursday he was no longer kicking not even when I played his favourite song, I was petrified and I just knew something wasn’t right.

I tried the eat-something-sweet trick, I laid on my side everything and with each try I became more panicked.

On Thursday morning there was brown urine in the toilet & my heart sunk. I am 27 weeks but I literally thought the worst the fear I felt was nothing like I can describe or ever want to feel again.

ME and my other half ran straight to our doctors who within 10 mins had me on the chair for a scan – luckily this little gremlin was fine, exhausted from turning from breech to normal position but was very dehydrated.

He explained his heartbeat was strong but there is 1 problem, the cord is around baby’s neck – this we have to check regularly to make sure he moves. Also I have to drink 5 litres of water – as it is so hot here in Cyprus.

I felt overwhelmed and happy & for the first time in this pregnancy I realised that  I am one of the luckiest women alive to be carrying a healthy baby boy.

So why am I sharing this torture with you? There are two very important reasons that I really want to highlight:

  1. Trust your instincts – I felt maybe I was being silly or being a paranoid first time mum – but I wasn’t my body was telling me something wasn’t right and I needed to fix that problem
  2. As easy as this is to say – when you have something unusual – don’t panic. Get checked  out and try to think positively – as I learnt the scariest thing may not turn out to be the worst right then.

S xx


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