The crib is up! #organisation

I like to be an organised person, and being heavily pregnant in summer in Cyprus where the heat is reaching 40c I would like to think am doing okay.

At 29 weeks me and my Partner are moving house & finally we have the crib up! I am so excited!



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  1. maeussle says:

    We built our crib (I think we’ve got the same as you 😉 ) just two weekends ago, too 🙂 I’ll be 28 weeks tomorrow and I’m slightly starting to panic to get everything done in time…you never know when labor could start.

    1. fitmommabear says:

      I know. – I worry about tat too I wanna be prepared as possible but in all honesty you jus never know and there’s so much baby may or may not need!
      Good choose on the crib 😀 xxx

      1. maeussle says:

        Yeah, I got so many lists going…and then there is still the hospital bag list….am I glad when this kiddo is out and I don’t have to shop as much anymore 😉

      2. fitmommabear says:

        Pahaha, not shop as much huh? It will be shopping for them being here then. My poor shoe collection 😉

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