I’m becoming a pervert #bodyenvy!

Bit of a odd one for you here & honestly, it may well just be me that has this issue.

My other half said to me at the weekend “Recently, you look at women more than I do!” I was like ermmm do I?

From then on I noticed, I really do. On the beach, in the restaurants, in the coffee shop -everywhere. Okay we all look at other people and -rightly or wrongly – make slight judgements or comments but I mean this is next level pervertion LOL.

I have a serious case of body envy, do not misunderstand I love my bump & I love that I am lucky enough to have such a healthy baby and great pregnancy, but I miss my old body the one where it was a constant work in progress to be something better & it is easy to feel that sometimes your body has been taken over and you have lost control.

Every time I see a nice bottom or a lovely toned tummy – I can’t help but have a good old look, reminisce & then look forward to the challenge of my new mummy body and starting that work in progress again.

I just keep motivating myself ready for that challenge – we got this ladies!!


S xxx




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  1. 30 weeks, here. I can totally relate!!

    1. fitmommabear says:

      Thank god for small mercies πŸ˜‰ hell yeah sister!!

      1. Belts….I miss wearing belts. I have a whole closet full of cute ones just hanging around looking sad!

      2. fitmommabear says:

        I miss denim shorts. Like high waisters. Perfect for summer > not perfect for bump. Looll. Plus denim shorts make your ass look amazing.

      3. I actually found some halfway cute denim maternity shorts…I can’t do that elastic crap pulled up over my belly though. I’ve just been folding them over like yoga pants. Now their low-rise shorts with the ugly beige elastic always sticking out. Lol! Preggo problems !

      4. fitmommabear says:

        I feel ya. Haha. Unluckily here in Cyprus the maternity collections aren’t amazing so am jealous of your shorts he he xx

      5. Lol! The shorts were about all I really liked there. Other than that, it’s been oversized yoga pants and shopping at Torrid and Lane Bryant for anything else

      6. fitmommabear says:

        Yep – floaty or maxi dresses for me hehe πŸ™‚

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