Orgasmic Tightenings!

As I  have grown and started to feel slightly more like a small house than a human being our sex life has changed, we were “at it  like rabbits” until about 6 and a half months where it dwindled down to 2 or 3 times a week.

So we treasure the times when we are not tired or socially active or putting up furniture in preparation for our little ones arrival and enjoy those moments I actually want to jump his bones.

It is, with this in mind that the last thing anyone would want is for the first time to experience braxton hicks is right after a good session.

Let me break it down for you, (without the gross details 😉 ) we had pretty amazing sex, we had both finished and lovingly laying together (still inserted – sorry!) about a minute or so after my orgasm – BOOM – my whole stomach tightened & I felt paralysed.

He looked at me – I looked at me – Both petrified. WHAT.THE.HELL.IS.HAPPENING.

I mean I had heard about Braxton Hicks but right after an orgasm – are you even serious?! Is this going to happen every single time? Is this even normal & why is it even happening?

So I did a little research after I got over the shock.

The facts are:

  • Yes it is very normal, when you orgasm your nether regions tighten which starts off the BH wave.
  • Will it happen every time – maybe, maybe not. Some people get them often some not so much. Some people get them very strong and then very weak.
  • And yes I am serious, it is strange a little scary and also a little awkward. We took some time to be freaked then laughed about it

So keep smiling and enjoy the orgasm!

S xxx


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