Pregnancy Exhaustion & Crazy Dreams

Good morning ladies

Well  I say good but its 3AM & I am writing this post – the only good thing I am happy about is that it is abit cooler.

I have been so rubbish at posting recently – mainly because I am exhausted. I feel like as my stomach expands, the humidity rises and my energy levels decreases & honestly it is driving me crazy.

I am so used to being a busy, independent woman who works the day and enjoys her evenings and in the last week that notion has been crippled.

I hate naps, like really hate them especially in summer here in Cyprus where heat under 35C is a luxury –  I hate the sunlight and the sweat and other people making noises around the house. HOWEVER, I have now given in and in my 34th week I am an official “napper” My exhaustion has forced me to overcome my hate & I now put a blanket over my eyes & an app called “Sleep Genius”  – Free app on android & Apple btw (deffo worth it if you are a light sleeper) to get me to sleep during these times where I am easily disturbed.

But still 9m hits and I am ready to be back in the bed!

Last night, something hit me from the past. Those crazy dreams that came around 16 Weeks are back but with a vengence – I dreamt I was giving birth in Japan in a Tsunami & we were being burgled, all of which were so realistic I was thrashing around like I had been electrocuted and knocked my Other Half right out of bed!

Crazy night time activities huh?


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