Perineal massage

Soo have you ladies heard much about this yet?

As we pass through out pregnancies which feels to fly by while each day takes a week were told about lots of things we should try which will help with giving birth.

I was recently informed of the perineal massage – which to me sounded alien – and on Googling it I just dont know how I feel about it.

It is a massage which stretches the skin between your vagina and anus, I have found a really funny women giving you a (clothed) example. & it will make you want to wee your pants!!

I gave it a good go , got out of that shower, lathered up with some oil and it stung. IT didn’t kill or anything just stung abit – I have decided to try it a few times a week because to be quite honest when your Other Half  walks in and you are fingers deep in a strange position it can be a little awkward!

A lot of ladies have discussed using this as foreplay – but honestly it didn’t give me that feel for things.


S xxx


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