Don’t judge a book by it’s cover


It is so easy these days to judge a book by a cover isn’t it? Well I guess it always has been, but I believe that social media really makes it so much easier.

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram allow us to open a window into our lives that normally would only be seen on few occasions.

We see that perfect selfie, with perfect hair and perfect make up with the perfect backdrop of a clean and tidy  room.

We see that healthy lunch and compare it to our cheese burger and chips.

What we do not see is the 50 selfies before where the person isn’t looking so picture perfect, or the amount of cropping / filtering and editing one picture has had to make it look so perfect.

We spend so much time trying to convey some sort of “perfection” to our social media followers & to be honest I really wonder why.

We are all guilty of it, we are also all guilty of comparing ourselves to people who manage to make these photos or status seem more “ideal” or get more likes.

But really, deep down we all know that everyone has a messy house – everyone has a bad hair day where you look liked you dumped your head in a deep fat fryer & absolutely everyone takes a photo at a bad angle where 14 chins seem to appear from nowhere.

I really believe that the “selfie” trend & the “ideal” trend through social media can be quite damaging in some ways.

We all post our pictures in a bid to seek approval and attention.

Posting photos to seek approval and ‘likes’ from peers as a reward is normal human nature.

Whatever people do and then get rewarded for it, they will do again. However, the reward must have varying degrees of emotional effects on each individual.

Some people are happy after sharing a selfie and getting few likes, while others expect as many likes as possible and become addicted to being liked. Also, the flip side is if they do not get “enough” likes or a good response they could lose self-confidence and have a negative attitude toward themselves or their body.

We have to remind ourselves on a regular basis that our life is ours, it will never be the same as our peers, neither will our peers be the same as ours.

We have to remember that everyone feels that paranoia & whilst you sit there and compare yourself with a “perfect picture” the fact is that person too will have bad days and good days & at some point will probably also feel jealous of you and your life.

I know I for one am super guilty of letting this affect me and I am trying to promise myself to allow it less, because the fact is as I scroll through my pictures I see myself looking glamorous and “glowing” & I realise that someone may look at my pictures and judge themselves on that, but they should know that as I type this:

  • My hair needs brushing & washing
  • I am sat in my PJ’s & I refuse to get dress. And no they do not match.
  • I have big knickers on
  • My boobs are lactating
  • I haven’t shaved my legs since 1972.
  • And lastly I have plenty of spots.

But you know what else… that is life. And life is beautiful – right?

Hands up for us ladies who need a boost! #WiseWednesdays


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