Will I ever be me again?

I know I have always thought 9 months to prepare for a baby is perfect – why do people whine? But now it is happening to me – I TOTALLY get it!

Not only do you want to meet your little bundle you also want to feel more like yourself. Get back to things you used to love & enjoy that you can’t do so well any more.

I can honestly say at 38 weeks up the duff I’ve had enough.

Im done with getting bigger, having 2 asses instead of one, my vagina is as wide as the Thames,the only thing I can be glad of is  I don’t have piles the size of the frigging titanic.

No cheeky glass of wine, no gym & the biggest thing I miss – SEX!

Anyone else looking forward to a nice glass of rose,  getting your boobs out which isn’t for breastfeeding and getting humped 6 ways from Tuesday???

I for one can’t wait to walk like John Wayne and I ain’t talking about after the birth.

Just saying. . .


S xxx


2 Comments Add yours

  1. millysell says:

    I wish I could say that, now my baby is 3 weeks, life looks like this again … I’ll get back to you in another 3 weeks. Am optimistic. 🙂

    1. fitmommabear says:

      Ahhh I just saw her little picture on your blog! She is precious congratulations mummy! I am soo jealous! xxx

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