Funny things my other half have said…

There have been a few instances of humour in our pregnancy & I have tried to put hormones to one side and see the funny side – which am sure  most of us ladies appreciate is not easy!

However, on this occasion – I found this cheeky but hilarious!! IF it was a friend I probably would have HI5’s him lol!

H: can I get you anything before I go?

Me: a full skeletal transplant. Is that too much to ask?

H: I think it might me

Me: Hmph. I’m carrying your massive heavy baby around!

H: you fattened it up!

Me: !!

H: just saying… When I put it there is was tiny… A few months with you and…

Me: *throws pillow*

He does make me chuckle…


Have you had any funny moments?

S xxx


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