Sex & post partum – bring back the intimacy!

As some of you may have read on one of my last posts of pregnancy one of the things I was most looking forward to was “looking forward to a nice glass of rose,  getting your boobs out which isn’t for breastfeeding and getting humped 6 ways from Tuesday???”

It isn’t like we weren’t having sex – just not that rough hot sex goddess sex & I was dying for it.

So – 4 weeks after birth is it back? NO – mainly because I had a C-Section and I am still a bit tender and bleeding.

But my god, I miss it – sex isn’t just about the pleasure and the release (although that would be greatly appreciated too 😉 ) but it is also about the intimacy feeling my gorgeous other halves body feeling that electricity that sparks between you when you are just naked and near each other. Knowing that he looks at me the same way, that he can’t keep his hands off of me and needs me to.

I remember the times I would be walking around like the untouchable because I literally felt like a sex goddess surprising my boyfriend with sex in the most random places or a blow job that blows his mind!

I need it, I miss it.

2 weeks and I am home free  – I just hope he is ready to get jumped on.

How are you ladies are doing?


S xxx


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