Post Caesarean Exercise Regime


6 weeks ago I gave birth to my lovely little prince &  despite sleep deprivation and sore nipples I have 4kg of baby weight left and a fair amount of toning that I need to sort out.

So between nappies and tummy time where do I start? Well that question confused me too, so I hijacked my other half (also a big gym junkie) into motivating me and helping me with a schedule that will ease me back in.

So this is what I am doing for the first week, this is purely to start burning some calories & also to ease me back into training as it has been so long.

4 X a week light weight training

5 X a week power walking to build up to jogging and running

I am currently working out from home, so a little more limited to what exercises I can do but here is where I am at, I have split it by muscle group.

These are split by days in a circuit. I work out a maximum of 2 groups per day.

Back Shoulders Arms Legs Abs
Dumbbell Rows  Shoulder press

Reverse Flys

 Bicep Curls

Hammer Curls


Tricep Extensions

Tricep Kickbacks





Wall Standing

Knee Planks

Pelvic Tilt



  • Baby in the sling uphill power walk – no less than 45 minutes at a brisk pace
  • Zumba fitness

I am really focusing on my Abs area as you can tell, it has never been my strong point but after a caesarean and pregnancy it is even weaker, I am however finding it pretty difficult to complete the abs section so splitting throughout the week & not putting too much strain on that area -after all it has already been through enough 😉

Have you got any tips for post pregnancy workouts

S xx


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