Breast feeding is natural, wont someone tell my boobs that?

Exactly as the title says.

Women today feel pressured to breast feed or to bottle feed. But in reality as long as baby is fed does it matter?

I was determined to breastfeed and after 4 long days we kinda finally got it. I say kinda, it was another month before I got it completley.

There are many things that factor into your breastfeeding journey I shall share a few of mine:

  • Milk Supply
  • If baby takes
  • & if baby does finally take, if on that feed he feels like cooperating again
  • Discomfort
  • Spastic Nipples
  • Mastitis

Honestly, you would think  that something that is 100% natural would be so for your body & baby but it isn’t its hard bloody work!

Don’t be fooled ladies it is worth it , the bond the feeling those precious moment and the fact no-one else can do it.

So I figured am gonna talk about the issues I had and you can tell me if you sympathise or am just a complete moaning minnie 😉


S xxx


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