Just Jugglin’

You have probably read my previous post where I explained I was finding it hard, well that hasn’t changed & if I am honest, I don’t think it ever will after all they say parenting is the hardest job.

But I gave myself a talking to and this is how I feel.

It is so easy to be overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. Every single morning I wake up with a list so long that NEEDS to be done & I imagine many more parents do too.

I remember when I first came home with the baby my motto was one thing a day, so if that was walking the dog and going to the shop that was my thing, if I achieved that then I was happy. Why should it be any more complicated now?

As a working Mum I often feel guilty, sometimes I am asked:

  • “how do you do it all?”
  • “how do you manage with the baby?”
  • “isn’t it all a bit too much?”

In my head these translate to:

  • Are you managing
  • Is your baby getting enough attention
  • Are you prioritising work over baby

Don’t get me wrong guilt and paranoia have a big hand in this! But “How do you do it all” isn’t always a compliment, sometimes more of a question & one that stirs up a lot of guilt in me.

So I will answer the question, once and for all. How do I do it all?

I don’t know. There really is no other choice when you are a mum. Mums don’t have the luxury of waking up on a morning and deciding “No, not today, I will do it another day” There is the waking up, the putting a smile on our face, the remembering to be grateful (or grumpy at times), and the being a mom. Not a perfect mom. Just a mom.

And if you are working mum there is that to add to the above.

Oh, I don’t do it all I’ll mumble while wondering if I’m doing too much or am not intentional or on and on. I just do what I have to do.

It’s not a bad question. It’s just not a needed question.

Listen. We don’t do it all. We do what we can.

You mess up. I mess up. We forget to put the laundry in the washing machine. We are late. We get discouraged. We have Supermom-feeling days. We have days when we cry. We race around doing the same thing over and over. We function on no sleep.

It’s not everything. There’s no finished to-do list in motherhood. Ever.

Do you know what there is?

There is you.

Loving, giving, teaching, learning, failing, and trying again.

And you are amazing ❤


One Comment Add yours

  1. Allie P. says:

    During my (all too brief) maternity leave was also “just get one thing done.” Some days that one thing was as easy as taking a nap while the baby slept. I am now a working mom and have been for some time. It some ways it gets easier, in others harder. My family has found a routine that works for us and if that means eating take out or letting a few extra dust bunnies multiply every now and then, so be it.

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