Yoghurt in my hair …. Maybe I should care

You know those mornings where life runs away with itself and before you know it it is nap time and time to work?

Yeah I have had that month! Since Christmas / New Years I have not been able to pull my routine together.

I was at the local supermarket the other day, I figured I had done so well I was up dressed, washed, presentable & fed – Baby was the same, napped and smiley despite those horrible nagging teeth! I was on a roll, the shop was done with only minimal damage to stock on the shelf 😛

Am at the checkout, the cashier smiles sweetly and says, “ermm, you have yoghurt in your hair, thought someone should tell you”

How the chuffin’ hell!! I’d love to tell you that is what he had for lunch / breakfast THAT day  – but he had yoghurt two days prior.

Someone help me pull myself together!! #HarassedMama #GetItTogetherGirrrrlll


S xxx


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