Mummy Guilt … Time to make decisions

Bumps grow into newborns.

Newborns grow into babies.

Babies grow into toddlers.

And toddlers are exhausting. 😉

I work two jobs, from home, although that doesn’t make it feel easier as many seem to think it does. Baby wakes up, has one nap and I work from 9am until 7pm whilst running around after my 15month old.

I am exhausted, mentally, physically and any other way I can think of 😉

So we came to a decision, Little One will be joining a kindergarten just down the road, just for a few mornings a  week. I was absolutely fine with the idea until we viewed them and he LOVED IT!

What if he wants to never leave and come hang out with mama any more? What if he calls someone else mama? What if he feels abandoned? What if I miss something major!

Currently trying to workout how to tackle this crippling guilt … tips welcome.

S xxx


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