Exploring body parts – cheeto to the butt crack!

Why, I ask, WHY has the saying curiosity killed the child not become a saying?

My baby is on fireeeee, into everythig physically possible, he sticks things in places, on top of things, hides things, presses buttons, pulls everything out of everywhere  – most of the time it is hilarious. Unless he isn’t sleeping and I am dog tired and the realization sets in that the house will have to stay this messy because I just cannot!

Latest find: my butt crack, yep, you read me right.

I was picking up his toys and whilst bent down my jeans dipped a little low and the little tyke shoved a cheeto (wotsit) right down my butt crack! I mean why, what is it about that part of my body that looked like it needed a delicious, orange crisp shoving down it?

Ohh to understand a babies mind 🙂

Have your toddlers been causing mischief, let me know in the comments 🙂

S xxx


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  1. Super Jan says:

    That is too funny! My son just turned one on January 23rd, and has been such a little firecracker lately! Lately, whenever I am wearing loose-fitting pajama pants/yoga pants/sweats, he creeps up behind me and pulls them down quickly, laughing hysterically as they fall to the ground. Luckily, he hasn’t done this in front of anyone other then my fiance!

    1. fitmommabear says:

      Haha! Oh you have got to love them! Dominic does the same, but he isn’t as shy as keeping between me and my other half. Safe to say it’s belts or tight pants in this house 😉
      Congrats on your little one. Xx

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