Young mums know nothing #KeyboardWarriorsKnowBest

I’m scrolling through Facebook … And I see this absolutely beautiful video posted by Fatherly of a video of a second per day of his babies first year. It was amazing.

As per usual, the keyboard warriors came out to play and wow did they get my back up.

Some lady commented on how beautiful the video was BUT she thought they were pushing the baby too hard to stand or sit, she went on to explain this was probably because they are young parents.

**Insert Angry Emoticon”

My response:

There are also older parents who don’t know much about being parents too, to be honest it has nothing to do with being young or old, being a mum or dad is a learning process to everyone and everyone does it differently. Bravo to this dad it was an amazing video to treasure, negative comments are not required.

I’m sorry but judgemental-ness is not required in parenthood, I will tell you what is required – support, acceptance, kindness and love.

S xxx


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