How to find time to exercise between…Work. Mum life. Social Life. Relationship.

I know life can be a harsh whirlwind of LIFE. Between working, mum life, social life and relationships then throwing in a little me time it can be so hard to find the time (and the urge to spend the energy) to get yourself exercising.

1. First things first

Get your work out before the day gets away from you. It is easy to feel tired or unmotivated if you have had a tough or long day so rise and shine sweet pea and get that booty moving.

2. Block it out

Block out an appointment on your calendar, make a date with yourself, after all if you had an appointment with work the chances are you would show up.

3.Have a plan for how you will sweat

Once you’ve pencilled in your workout, don’t forget to think about what you’ll actually do once you get to the gym. It’s one thing to find the motivation to work out. It’s another thing to find the motivation to figure out what to do for a workout. If I know beforehand exactly what I plan to do, I make it happen

4.Don’t worry about your outfit

Don’t waste your little free time debating wardrobe choices. Lay out your clothes the night before and keep it simple, what you wear isn’t as important as getting the work out in.

5. Take Runch

If crack-of-dawn or after-work training sessions aren’t your thing, try taking “runch” aka “running lunch. Block out a little longer for a lunch break and get going. I know a lot of my friends are tired from sleepless nights and the last thing they want is an even earlier morning than necessary and to miss out on precious sleep (I feel ya mamas!) therefore, they have to organise their lunch to fit in a quick workout.


6. Be a workout ninja

Stealthy workouts become a must when your schedule is overflowing. Sneak your workouts in where you can, while the babies eat try some star jumps, skip rope, or weights at home. Find a show they love and do some squats, planks, laps or a circuit with their toys.

If you have a busy day, breakup your workout throughout your day and do some high-intensity interval training in 10 minute spurts.

Take to the streets

Audit your schedule

Music class for them… Gym class for you

Don’t beat yourself up

Build a support crew

Make it worth it



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