Detox Day 1 – FRUIT!

I love fruit, all fruit, all day..I will happily eat fruit instead of a meal (ok maybe not a choccy biscuit but there ya go, that’s life!) So I figured today would be MY day, it would be easy!

I started the day with a fruit salad, yummy! Grapefruit, pear, apple, orange, strawberries, perfect I was full and happy.

Dinner came and another big bowl of fruit occurred – again I enjoyed it!

As i approached Tea Time, I felt the slump, we all know it, we have all felt it – the one where the lack of carbs and artificial sugar makes you want to reach out for the nearest chocolate bar / loaf of bread / both and devour them! Luckily I avoided  my need to feed with one snack of roasted raw coconut which was actually the highlight of my day! So sweet that it also got rid of my chocolate cravings! woohoo!

Tea  – well lets just press repeat?

Overall, a very good day but in all honesty, I feel like if I see another apple or have to cut another apple up (I really hate that job I always cock it up!) I might cry!

Sorry apples! 🙂

Pictures from the morning of Day 1:

13016664_10153509871548016_1716254100_o 12986461_10153509871648016_1632651739_o

S xx


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