Detox Day 2 – VEG!!

Erk, what can I say? Veg, the bane of my life – well ok, a bit dramatic but you get the drift!

I really am a fruit person or a sweet person at least, I mean if you offer me a chocolate cake or a scone am gonna hands down take the chocolate cake! So back to veg .. I am NOT  fan!

I was dreading this day since my friend and I decided to try this detox and I found I was not without reason.

The detox called for a potato for breakfast so I did 1/4 normal potato and 3/4 sweet potato with salt, pepper & herbs roasted in the oven. I liked this alot, it gave me the energy boost I needed, I also grilled a tomato – which was horrible I hated the texture (this is a major problem with me, I hate textures lol!)

I was headed out this morning & while I had plenty of water I should have probably organised some snacks, food shopping on an empty detoxing stomach is NOT fun! I was 2 minutes away from devouring the next shopping aisle when my friend shoved a carrot stick in my salivating mouth!

For lunch I had a huge salad, should have left out the beetroot as it just didn’t sit well with me but all in all was once again full and content.

And then the lull hit 5pm – Teatime! I was feeling low of energy after running around after my 18month old & working and I wanted to give in, I used my detox buddy for accountability and used her motivation to pull me through. #Thankful.

5.35pm – Detox buddies motivation would have lasted longer if there wasn’t pizza in the house!! So Today my baby had mini pizza, veg and home made vegetable for dinner; honestly I don’t often give him oven food like pizzas but when I do of course it is when I am detoxing and thinking of the comfy carb induced coma a pizza would bring me!! Good one momma!! So when he had eaten enough, there on the kitchen side sat a little plate of left over pizza and potatoes. My gosh, did it literally take every inch of my being to not eat it, BUT I DIDN’T.

Tea time came & it was Chinese vegetable stir fry for me with garlic, salt, pepper, chilli and light soy sauce; oh I know what you might be thinking “is soy allowed?” – honestly, no idea at all, but I’d be damned to eat it without!! So I added 1 tspoon for flavour 😉

Something I have learnt in the last 188888e999339 days (ok kidding, not even that bad! 2 days!!) is that the portions I were previously eating were way too big and too reliant on rice / potatoes to fill me now I know I can definitely eat vegetables in a different way with spices or fruit as a snack to fill me up.

Progress pics from Day 2:


Keep me motivated in the comments!

S xxx


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